18th Century Box Tape Loom

Pair of Candle Sconces

Single Candle Sconce


Tailor Trade Sign

Painted Dome Box

Painted Bowl

Three Early Candlesticks

Bucket Bench

Painted Hand Carved Bird

Polychrome Lidded Container

Hanging Candle Lantern

Six Drawer Painted Chest

Painted Childs Bucket

Cloth Decoy

Lap Desk

Painted Mortar and Pestle

Painted Dry Sink

12 Drawer 19th C. Apothecary Chest

Rare 18th C. Signed Splint Light

Tall Wedding Band Hogscrapers

Signed and Dated Portrait

Stoneware Jar

Painted Dome Box

Painted Blanket Box

Dry Sink / Bucket Bench

Firkin / Bucket

Heart Trivet

Dry Sink

Stepback Cupboard

Painted Bucket with Lid

19th C. Decorated Stoneware Jar

American Birch Trencher Original Paint

Painted Spice Chest

Excellent Painted Cradle

American Trade Sign

Painted Melon Basket

Miniature Three Drawer Chest

Rooster Weathervane

Four Color Game Board

Apple Green Bowl

Red and Mustard Painted Game Board

Wrought Iron Candle Stick

American Sampler

Buttocks Basket

Painted Shaker Bucket with Lid

American Barn Lantern

18th C. Grease Light

Small Paint Decorated Bowl


Child's Settle Chair

Compote with Paint Decoration

Walnut Slide Lid Box

Brown Painted Bowl with Blue Incised Ring

Beehive Bowl

Painted Tin

Early Dough Bowl

Mortar and Pestle

Game Board

New England Wall Box

Candle Sconce

Pan Light

IOOF Parade Axe

Hanging Shelf

Perkins and Cos Express Trade Sign

Painted Hanging Cupboard

Paint Decorated Two Sided Boot Trade Sign

Spice Box

Signed Butter Scoop

18th C. Wooden Plate

American Made Courting Mirror

Early Broom in Paint

Redware Plate

Mortar and Pestle

17th C. Rush Light

Small Wallpaper Box

Mounted Sugar Cutter

Boot and Shoe Maker Sign

Child's Stepback Cupboard

Painted Trencher

Windsor Stool

Chestnut Turned Bowl

Folding Game Board

Heart Carved Springerle Board

Whale Oil Lamp


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