Childs Blanket Box

Tape Loom

Candle Box

Pointing Arrow Weathervane

18th C. Splint Candle Light

American Hearth Brush


Chippendale Blanket Chest

Hanging Fish Trade Sign

Painted Plate Shelf

Painted Fish Decoys

Decoy on right side is

Red Painted Wall Box

Brown Painted Wall Box

Painted Keeler

Green Painted Mortar and Pestle

Dark Green Painted Pantry Box

Red Painted Pantry Box

Green Painted Firkin

Blue Painted Sugar Bucket

Painted Bucket

Oak Splint Basket


Whales Tail Shelf

Butter Print

Braided Mat

Yellow Painted Bowl

Bittersweet Painted Bowl

American Redware Jar

Painted Game Board

Oyster White Pantry Box

Finger Lap Pantry Box

Bittersweet Painted Box

Blue Painted Box

Small Mortised Bench

Small Grain Painted Cupboard

Framed Heart

Early Small Firkin

Running Horse Weathervane

Pair Bannister Back Chairs

Grain Painted Blanket Chest

Brown Mortar and Pestle

Spatterware Cup and Saucer

Spatterware Peafowl Plate

Ovoid Jug with Blue

Painted Tavern Table

Country Hepplewhite Table

Firkin in Attic Surface

Hnad Carved Whimsey

Small Maple Scoop


Harvard Box

Four Color Game Board

Spice Box

Painted Hanging Cupboard

Small Painted Basket

Goose Decoy

Bucket Bench

Pair of Candle Sconces


Stoneware Jar

Signed and Dated Portrait

Lap Desk

Pan Light


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