Copper Bull Weathervane

Rocking Horse

Painted Box

Shaved Broom

Lollipop Butter Stamp

Horse Weathervane Fragment

Harvard Box

Country Cupboard


Four Color Game Board

Spice Box

Painted Hanging Cupboard

Paint Decorated Two Sided Boot Trade Sign

Small Painted Basket

Small Shaker Bucket

Black Hawk Weathervane

Arcade Shooting Target

Goose Decoy

Seven Drawer Apothecary

Pair of Candle Sconces


Single Candle Sconce

Bucket Bench

Painted Bowl

Three Early Candlesticks
Ones on left and right are

Painted Childs Bucket

Rare 18th C. Signed Splint Light

Lap Desk

Painted Dry Sink

Stoneware Jar

Signed and Dated Portrait

Painted Blanket Box

American Birch Trencher Original Paint

Painted Melon Basket

American Sampler

Rooster Weathervane

Pan Light

18th C. Grease Light

Walnut Slide Lid Box


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